Bharat Ko Jano

  • Swami Vivekanand ji
  • Bharat Mata

Bharat, a vast country, is one the most ancient civilizations of the world. It is the unique country with huge variations in languages, religions, cultures, agriculture, climates, natural resources and even in races spread widely from North to south and from East to West. The unity among large diversities makes her a kaleidoscope in which different colours are arranged in beautiful and harmonious patterns. Once termed as ‘सोने की चिड़िया’ (golden sparrow), she was the richest country in the world. Glimpses of her wealth & natural resources attracted many foreign invaders, who not only looted her wealth but also destroyed and distorted her rich culture. They destroyed the huge collection of shastras the treasures of knowledge. The British rulers tried to uproot the centuries old education system which had been used to impart and transmit religious, moral and cultural values from generation to generation. They tried to conceal and to eliminate the tales of saints, bravery of warriors, dynasties kings, scholars, philosophers, scientists etc. from the golden pages of her glorious past. They polluted the minds of her people.

‘Bharat Ko Jano’ project and competition is an attempt by Bharat Vikas Parishad, conceived and initiated by Dr. Mahi Pal Gupta to acquaint such youths, who are deluded by the glitters of western culture, with their own rich cultural heritage and inculcate, among them, the feeling of love for their mother land.